Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can hearing aids be connected directly to the TV and Telephone?There are a number of systems that allow direct connection to phone, TV, cell phone, even smoke alarms and they’re available across all the technology levels. You don’t have to have the most expensive.
  • I’ve heard about Blue Tooth. How does this technology work? A number of hearing aid and hearing aid companies now offer systems that connect the aid directly to TV, Phone, Computer and Cellphone. You can have either just the TV signal in the hearing aid or the TV signal and the people in the room.
  • I know I need help but hearing aids are so expensive. How can I afford them?By choosing a completely independent clinic, with an MNZAS Audiologist, we have the flexibility to give you a solution best suited to your hearing loss and how you want to live. It could cost you as little as $1050 incl GST* per hearing aid.
  • Am I automatically eligible for any Government assistance?Yes, our clinics qualify for government funding. Every 6 years you are entitled to $511.11 incl GST per ear towards the cost of your hearing aid ($1022.22 incl GST in total for two hearing aids). You may also qualify for other assistance ie ACC, EHMS, Veteran Affairs (War Pensions) or WINZ.
  • Do I have a choice of brand and type of hearing aids?Yes, we deal with all brands and models of hearing aids. We are not owned by a hearing aid company and we don’t do “preferred suppliers” deals. You get genuinely independent advice.
  • There seem to be lots of options. What is the best brand and style?The right solution depends entirely on you. You define the problem and you tell us if the proposed solution works – you’re given a genuine trial period. The best solution for you is the one that has you getting on with life and doing what you want, when you want, without having to worry that you’re missing things.
  • How do our clinics differ from the chain clinics we see advertising lots?The important difference is total independence. We’re not owned by a hearing aid company (either directly or indirectly) and we don’t support “preferred suppliers” which can limit the choice of hearing aids offered. You see the same staff each time and our clinics are open business hours. We are also willing to see people out of business hours if necessary.
  • My friend went to a big clinic for a trial of hearing aids. They didn’t like them and it cost them $800 for the failed trial. How is that fair? It’s not. Audiology Associates charges $200 incl GST (plus material costs eg earmolds) for a failed trial regardless of how many makes or models you actually trial. If it doesn’t work out it’ll only cost you $200.
  • My current hearing aids are only 3 years old, can they be improved or “upgraded”?We can’t put more memory in (like computers) but a careful check of the hearing loss and the use of some special testing tools to match the output of the hearing aids to the hearing loss can make a substantial improvement to poorly performing hearing aids.

* includes discounts and subsidies and applies when 2 hearing aids are purchased