Hearing Tests in Auckland

Hearing Tests in Auckland

Are you experiencing hearing problems? Do not delay any longer.

Hearing loss is not limited to old age—it can happen to anyone. It is also common in children and young professionals, especially those exposed to loud noises. When you experience hearing troubles, it greatly affects your lifestyle and how you interact with the people around you.

If you are having a hard time hearing, do not delay treatment. Start your recovery journey with FREE hearing checks from Audiology Associates.

How to Detect Possible Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a gradual process; most people do not notice their condition for years until it suddenly occurs. You might have experienced some warning signs: friends telling you to turn down the volume of your stereo or you frequently asking people to repeat what they said.

Gradual hearing loss approximately takes seven years before the patient realises the condition. Most individuals realise their troubles a moment too late, which results in expensive treatments.

Love your hearing by addressing the issue now. Make an appointment with us for one of Auckland’s trusted hearing tests.

Starting the Journey with a Hearing Test

Your journey to better hearing starts with a simple diagnostic hearing test. This test determines your hearing levels, giving you an idea of your current condition. It also reflects the hearing capacity of both ear and which sounds you can hear without difficulty. Your first hearing test is an important baseline—this helps your audiologist plot your treatment plan.

If the results of your hearing test suggest the need for hearing devices, our team will make the right recommendations for you.

Experienced Clinicians at your Service

Audiology Associates’ team of clinicians is one of New Zealand’s most experienced. They focus on providing quality service in all areas of the field. From a simple hearing test to giving the right advice, we make sure you get what you need.

Book an appointment with us now and have your hearing checked before it’s too late.